Archangel - Metal / Momentum Of The Farce (Live) | FM001

FM001: Archangel - Momentum Of The Farce

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Written & Produced by Bruno Pronsato in Prenzlauer Berg, Germany 2013, except for Metal, written by Gary Numan.

A. Metal

B. Momentum Of The Farce (Live Version)

Artwork by Marilyn Thompson

Distributed by Above Board


“Over the course of our lives, I’ve found it helps to identify with some gesture in history or pop culture to make one’s actions seem somehow relevant. My pop-historical spirit animal, so to speak, has always been Gary Numan in this snapshot of studio toil. I still feel that the sleek, mechanical sex appeal of ‘Metal’ is seductive, so, for the A-side, I decided to take the basics from Numan’s track (bass line, synth) and transform them into my darker, drone driven style. Wave of nostalgia - 20 again, but with groomed hair and a room full of speakers I couldn’t afford then.

On the B-side, ‘Momentum of the Farce’ strikes a different chord. I look at it as a contribution to post EDM - whatever that means. While making it, I imagined myself playing live to 20 people - the 20 people who appreciate a sunrise at the party but simultaneously enjoy the thought of going home. Though this version differs from the one on the album, the two still share a touch of sadness and, say, optimism - like sunlight glancing off the chrome wreckage of fast cars.”

- Bruno Pronsato

October 2013.